About Rockwall EDC

The REDC offers custom incentive packages that are as unique as the businesses that join us. The REDC is responsible for ensuring that Rockwall is an ideal location for expanding and relocating businesses. The REDC works with other local and regional organizations to make improvements in infrastructure, workforce, business climate and quality of life in order to attract high-value industries. It also markets Rockwall, often working with regional and state allies to ensure that Rockwall’s brand is well-known and well-perceived.

Est. April 17, 1854

Rockwall was named after natural rock walls discovered when early settlers began digging wells. Since those days, through new community leadership and a sense of responsibility to 150+ years of history, Rockwall has undergone a process of growth and development. The population today exceeds 40,000 and the present industries include those in defense, technology, manufacturing, packaging and others. An important catalyst in Rockwall’s growth has been the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation (REDC).

Founded in 1996

In November 1995, Rockwall voters adopted a half-cent sales tax for economic development. In July 1996, the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation (REDC) was formed. Today, the REDC has a staff of four and is governed by a board of directors comprised of seven voting members. REDC is privileged to have a board that represent a diverse cross-section of our community. The board and staff are committed to making long-range, prudent decisions with regard to Rockwall’s economic development.

The REDC assists new and existing companies, both large and small, in the development and expansion of business in a booming global economy. We are completely dedicated to your company’s growth through incentive programs, financial assistance, comprehensive sites and resource collaboration.



Matthew Nielsen


Dale Cherry

Dale Cherry

Vice Chairman


Gary Bunch


Rockwall Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors

Bob Amick

Board Director

Rick Carroll

Board Director

Craig Renfro

Board Director

Stewart Storms

Board Director

Rockwall Economic Development Corporation Staff

Sheri Franza

President & CEO

Matt Wavering

Director of Project Development

Shara Fleming

Executive Assistant